Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best of 2010: Honorable mentions

These are the records that didn't quite make the cut for the top 10. Normally, I hold this to around five, but this year, I'm going with 10.

-- Flotsam & Jetsam, "The Cold." This one almost made it into my top 10, but was a last-second scratch. It's easily their best since 1995's "Drift."
-- Firewind, "Days of Defiance." A much better showcase of guitarist Gus G.’s abilities than the Ozzy record he played on this year. Solid as always.
-- Shooter Jennings, "Black Ribbons." Shooter shows his rock side with a strange and experimental record that I wasn't sure about at first. It's grown on me with every listen, though, and I think it will continue to do so.
-- Kamelot, "Poetry for the Poisoned." A bit experimental, but in my mind some of Kamelot’s best work.
-- Exodus, "Exhibit B: The Human Condition." Exodus just keeps quietly (or, perhaps, not so quietly) bringing the thrash.
-- Nevermore, "The Obsidian Conspiracy." I continue to have mixed feelings on this one, depending on my mood. I like it, but I’ve yet to make up my mind completely.
-- Death Angel, "Relentless Retribution." Death Angel’s best record since their return.
-- Dimmu Borgir, "Abrahadabra." I'm not a big fan of black metal, but this ambitious project featuring a full orchestra and choir isn't your usual black metal.
-- Kiuas, "Lustdriven." This record's not nearly as good as "Spirit of Ukko" or "The New Dark Age," but still a solid effort.
-- Soilwork, "The Panic Broadcast." Not nearly as strong as "Sworn to a Great Divide," which I consider something of a comeback for the band, but enjoyable.

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