Monday, April 13, 2009

News: Misguided Aggression offers full album download for $1.99

Misguided Aggression is currently offering a full digital download of their entire debut album “Hatchala” for $1.99 at for a limited time. The download includes the album cover and DRM-free MP3s.

“We’ve had such great feedback from everyone that’s bought the album so far,” says guitarist Ben Dobson. “The goal when we recorded this record was to share our music with as many people as possible, so we’re offering the full album as a digital download for ridiculously cheap. We just want people to hear it and hopefully they will dig the music enough to come out to a show and throw some horns up.”

"We just thought that it was a great idea to offer up one of our new releases in this way," says Year of the Sun owner Chris Benn. "Everyone knows the industry's changing and that times are tough right now so, this was a way for us to offer up something to metal fans everywhere. All the money goes directly to the band to help them out on tour while people can get a killer record for less than a Starbucks. It supports everyone and it's definitely something that we'll consider doing a lot more of in the future."

Courtesy: Year of the Sun Records

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