Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Submission guidelines for Hall of the Mountain King

UPDATE: I'll leave my old anal guidelines here for posterity, but these days I'm pretty easy. If your music is like the stuff you see on this blog, just shoot me a link to where I can listen to it. If I like it, I may write something about it. If not, I probably won't. That's it.

If you represent a band or a label and would like to have your music featured here, e-mail submissions@mountainkingmusic.com for details on where to send it.

I welcome music from both signed and unsigned acts. My primary music interests are hard rock and metal. I prefer music with strong melodies and at least the occasional hook. I have a secondary interest in outlaw country, Southern rock and blues and will consider submissions in those genres. I will attempt to review every record that I receive, but be aware that I will be completely honest in my reviews, love it or hate it. If you'd like to direct me to a MySpace or some other place where I can sample your music to see if I might like it before you send me a review copy, I'm willing to do that. I'm not one of those reviewers who loves to trash records. I'd rather use my site to promote music I like.

I prefer to receive review copies on CD for a couple of reasons. The first being the purely personal love that I have for the physical product, and the second being that I do most of my listening for review on the go and need something portable. (Full CDs with liner notes will get brownie points.) I'll also accept high-quality digital files as long as they offer me the same portability as a CD. About the only thing I will not at least attempt to review is a voiceover CD because I find them unlistenable.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at submissions@mountainkingmusic.com. Thanks.

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