Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Shuffle: Soilwork, Tesla, Anthrax, Scatterbrain, Alestorm

Pretty heavy lineup this week -- some new stuff, some old stuff and ending with some fun ...

Soilwork, “Memories Confined.” From the album The Living Infinite (2013). One of the tracks from the mellower, more melodic side of last year’s Soilwork double album. It’s not really one of the more memorable, but it’s not bad, either.

Tesla, “Toke About It.” From the album Psychotic Supper (1991). A little bit 1980s hard rock, a little bit 1970s hard rock, a little bit Southern rock, this tune is just laid back fun.

Anthrax, “Finale.” From the album State of Euphoria (1988). State of Euphoria sometimes gets a bad rap among Anthrax fans, but there are some great songs on it. “Finale” has a fast and aggressive riff and the memorable hook – “I hear your mama calling you.”

Scatterbrain, “Down with the Ship (Slight Return).” From the album Here Comes Trouble (1990). How many classic rock and metal songs can you pick out in Scatterbrain’s chaotic medley? This whole album was a ton of fun, and “Down with the Ship” is no exception.

Alestorm, “Wolves of the Sea.” From the album Black Sails at Midnight (2009). This is the song that really kickstarted Alestorm’s string of … umm … interesting cover songs. A weird Latvian synth pop song gets transformed into a pretty rousing metal tune.

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