Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Shuffle: Iced Earth, Jason Boland, Queensryche, Dash, Zeppelin

There seems to be a theme about ones and onlys going on in this week's shuffle. Oh, and check out the nifty new logo so that when this feeds to Facebook, you guys won't have to look at my ugly mug plastered across the page ... at least, I hope.

"Burning Times,” Iced Earth. From the album Something Wicked This Way Comes (1998). If I had to pick one Iced Earth song, this would probably be the one. The riff is awesome, the tune is full of power, and it’s a great way to kick off the best album of the Matt Barlow era.

“Only One,” Jason Boland and The Stragglers. From the album Dark and Dirty Mile (2013). A few people questioned why Dark and Dirty Mile didn’t make my country best of list. The simple answer is most of the songs on it were love songs, and I wasn’t in a very loving mood. “Only One” is a well-written song, that I like much better today, but I wasn’t feeling the love at the time.

“One and Only,” Queensryche. From the album Empire (1990). One of the often-overlooked tracks from Queensryche’s Empire album, it’s admittedly not one of the strongest, but it’s not a bad tune, either. There’s a good riff, and Geoff Tate’s vocals on the chorus are nice.

“Save the Whales,” Dash Rip Rock. From the album Boiled Alive (1991). Really more of an extended joke than a song, Bill Davis discusses the band’s environmental stances, then he and bassist Hoaky Hickel use volume swells to make whale noises for a few seconds before yelling, “Save the Whales.” No video available on this one, sorry.

“Heartbreaker,” Led Zeppelin. From the album Led Zeppelin II (1969). So most of you probably know by now that I’m not the biggest Zep fan on the planet, but even I can’t deny the monster Jimmy Page riff on “Heartbreaker.”

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