Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Shuffle: Poison, BLS, Quiet Riot, Pantera, Alestorm

A guilty pleasure, a rare miss from Zakk Wylde and the beginnings of my metal journey ...

“Look What the Cat Dragged In,” Poison. From the album Look What the Cat Dragged In (1986). So, yeah, it’s tough to defend Poison, but I will defend this song against the most ardent of hair metal haters. The riff is tough as nails – the best in the band’s repertoire, and despite its shallow nature, it’s a great hard rock song.

“Song for You,” Black Label Society. From the album Unblackened (2013). Of the two new covers that showed up on Unblackened, this Leon Russell number is far and away the weaker. The marble-mouth vocals don’t work and, in all honesty, sincere love songs are not what I want from Zakk Wylde anyway.Though I have to admit that the extended solo on the version above is pretty tasty.)

“Cum on Feel the Noize,” Quiet Riot. From the album Metal Health (1983). How easy does it get? This is the record responsible for me being a metal head today, and this Slade cover is the biggest hit from it. Just a great, great hard rock song.

“Suicide Note, Pt. 1,” Pantera. From the album The Great Southern Trendkill (1996). See, here’s the problem with shuffle. You get the dark, brooding, depressed buildup of “Suicide Not, Pt. 1,” but you don’t get the manic, raging release of “Suicide Note, Pt. 2.” Granted, I’ve always been partial to Part 1, but they’re a package deal.

“You are a Pirate,” Alestorm. From the album Back Through Time (2011). A metalled-up cover of a children’s TV song. There’s nothing that could better represent what Alestorm is all about – and it’s just infectiously catchy, too.

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