Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Shuffle: Down, Jamey Johnson, Metallica, Dio, Pantera

A couple of Phil Anselmo's finer moments, a couple of bona fide metal classics, oh, and a country song wedged in there ...

Down, “Mourn.” From the album Down III: Over the Under (2007). I thought this was a very tastefully done tribute to “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott and a very good way for Phil Anselmo to address the controversy surrounding it, with him being blocked from the funeral and blacklisted by members of Dime’s family.

Jamey Johnson, “Between Jennings and Jones.” From the album That Lonesome Song (2008). This is one of my favorite turns of lyric from Jamey Johnson. It’s a clever lyric that pretty much sums up what he’s all about.

Metallica, “Hit the Lights.” From the album Kill ‘Em All (1983). This song was a great way to introduce Metallica. It told you up front what you were getting – loud, fast and obnoxious. And I still think the punkish, angry, garage feel of this album has more energy and attitude than anything else they’ve ever done.

Dio, “The Last in Line.” From the album The Last in Line (1984). This album was actually my introduction to Dio, not the venerable Holy Diver. From the first line after the song goes heavy, “We’re off to the witch, we may never, never, never come home, but the magic that we’ll feel is worth a lifetime,” I was completely hooked. The record also contains one of my favorite Dio songs in “One Night in the City.”

Pantera, “Fucking Hostile.” From the album Vulgar Display of Power (1992). “1, 2, 3 4” and all hell breaks loose.

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