Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Shuffle: Saliva, Danzig, Sorrows Path, King's X, Volbeat

All songs rocking hard this week ...

Saliva, "Survival of the Sickest." From the album Survival of the Sickest (2004). I couldn't have cared less about Saliva until I saw them opening for Kiss in '04, and they ripped out this tune, which quite frankly, was the best performance of the night as Kiss kind of phoned it in. This is a fantastic, old-fashioned hard rocker, with a great hook of a chorus. If they had continued in this vein, I'd probably be a Saliva fan today. I'm not, but I still love this record and have to crank this song every time I hear it.

Danzig, "Killer Wolf." From the album II: Lucifuge (1990). This album, I believe, is Danzig's finest moment, bar none. It saw a lot of bluesy influence coming into his dark, doomy style, and nowhere is that more apparent than on this track.

Sorrows Path, "The Beast (S.P.R.)" From the album The Rough Path of Nihilism (2010). Because I review a lot of albums and don't clean up my hard drive regularly, I very often run into something that I've forgotten about. That's the case with this Greek outfit. I vaguely remember having mixed feelings on the record, and I really like this song musically. It's a little symphonic, a little doomy, a little classic metal. What I don't like are the vocal inflections of the singer. They kind of mess up what's an otherwise pretty good song for me.

King's X, "Manic Depression." From the album Dogman (1994). Dogman is one of King's X's most underrated records, and it ends with this "live" version of the Hendrix classic. The song was recorded in the studio and then had crowd noises dubbed over. Despite that little bit of trickery, it's still a really good cover.

Volbeat, "Danny & Lucy (11 p.m.)" From the album The Strength/The Sound/The Songs (2005). This song from the band's debut album has some shades of what they've become over the years, but it's a more punk and Metallica-influenced brand of music than their current fare -- rawer, roughter and with much less polish.

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