Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Shuffle: Headcat, Monster Magnet, Cult, Sepultura, Tom Keifer

A litle bit of new stuff, a little bit of old stuff, and a metal legend delivering an unusual performance.

Headcat, “The Eagle Flies on Friday.” From the album Walk the Walk … Talk the Talk (2011). Lemmy does the blues? You bet, and he does it well. The gruff voice of the Motorhead frontman takes on a smoother, quieter tone for this basic 12-bar blues tune, and it works. Danny Harvey’s tasteful guitar licks add to the mood, and it’s a favorite from this record.

Monster Magnet, “Temple of Your Dreams.” From the album Powertrip (1998). I came for “Space Lord,” and I stayed for the rest of the great songs on the record, this being one of them. It mixes classic 1970s-style hard rock with some psychedelic  and stoner rock influences. It’s slinky, powerful and memorable.

The Cult, “Shape the Sky.” From the album Beyond Good and Evil (2001). I always thought this record should have gotten more traction than it did. I thought it was a great comeback. This track is pretty much the classic Cult sound, a great blues rock riff and Ian Astbury wailing away.

Sepultura, “Nomad.” From the album Chaos AD (1993). Chaos AD, for me, is Sepultura’s best work. It has a little more of the tribal sound, but doesn’t go as far to that end as the next album Roots. Max Cavalera is growling, the music is heavy and sludgy. Just really good stuff.

Tom Keifer, “You Showed Me.” From the album The Way Life Goes (2013). This is one of my favorite records of the year so far, but not one of the more memorable tunes from it. It’s kind of a sappy ballad in the new school Aerosmith mode, and it’s not Keifer’s best vocal performance on the record. The rest of the album is great, though.

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