Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Shuffle: Black Sabbath, Kiuas, Kid Rock, Amorphis, Lacuna Coil

Yep. I had to get embarrassed eventually. See the third track. But the others kind of make up for it.

Black Sabbath, “Voodoo.” From the album Mob Rules (1981). I’ll admit that I don’t like Mob Rules as much as Heaven and Hell, but there still isn’t anything remotely close to a stinker on the record. “Voodoo” strikes me as much closer to a Dio tune than even a Dio-era Sabbath tune, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Geezer Butler is his usual badass self on this tune, thumping along and offering up some tasty bass fills.

Kiuas, “Thorns of a Black Rose.” From the album The Spirit of Ukko (2005). Sadly, there aren’t many YouTube videos available for people to sample this album. The only one I could find is kind of distorted, which is a shame because it’s an incredible piece. This sort-of ballad is another one of my favorites from the record with great vocals and some nice blues-influenced guitar work.

Kid Rock, “Son of Detroit.” From the album Kid Rock (2003). Had to happen eventually, I guess, that I’d hit one of those embarrassing moments, and I’ve been pretty lucky so far. This is Kid Rock’s version of David Allan Coe’s “Son of the South.” It’s fairly faithful musically with Rock changing the lyrics sometimes much for the worse. I’d still much rather hear the original.

Amorphis, “Battle for Light.” From the album The Beginning of Times (2011). Since the addition of vocalist Tomi Joutsen Amorphis has been on a roll. This is the band at its best. Melancholy and melodic at one moment, then with Joutsen growling over heavy guitars the next. Great atmosphere throughout. That’s the thing that originally drew me to Amorphis way back on Elegy, and they do it even better now.

Lacuna Coil, “End of Time.” From the album Dark Adrenaline (2012). Though I admit that Shallow Life was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, this record was a comeback for Lacuna Coil, a return to the darker, more gothic sound. I’m not wild about this song, which is on the poppier side, but I love the album as a whole.

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