Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Shuffle: Toxic Heart, Lazarus A.D., Sepultura, Blackberry Smoke, ZZ Top

Another Saturday, another shuffle.

“Rebirth,” Lazarus A.D. From the album The Onslaught (2009). I remember that this debut album from Lazarus A.D., an aggressive, Exodus-influenced brand of thrash really excited me. I thought we might finally have a band from the new wave of the style that could play with the originals. The follow-up, sadly, was quite disappointing.

“Down South,” Toxic Heart. From the album Trailerpark Show (2012). What the hell is this? It’s got to be something that I downloaded for review that didn’t connect with me. This song is a mix of an 80s glam ballad and a Southern rock tune from a Slovenian band. It’s fair, but certainly not exciting. I think I know why I don’t remember it. I couldn't even find a version online to post, and the album is not available on Amazon.

“Desperate Cry,” Sepultura. From the album Arise (1991). Arise was where Sepultura began to find its own voice as a thrash band, and this is one of the better offerings from the record with bashing aggression but a memorable melody. There are still shades of other bands on this track, particularly Slayer, but the Cavalera boys (neither of which is featured in the current lineup of the band) put their own stamp on those influences.

“Livin’ Hell,” Blackberry Smoke. From the album New Honky Tonk Bootlegs (2008). Prior to last year's The Whippoorwill, this collection of very traditional country tunes was my favorite effort from the Georgia-based outfit. This dirty little ditty makes a little light of a situation that, unfortunately, a lot of us can relate to. Well, maybe not the part about the Taco Bell. There's also a clean version on the album, but who wants that?

“Lowdown in the Street,” ZZ Top. From the album Deguello (1979). Hard rocking, funky, bluesy and grooving. This is a great example of ZZ Top doing what they do best.

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