Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Shuffle: Overkill, Behemoth, Mayan, Armored Saint, Maiden

Kind of a heavy theme to this week’s shuffle. Let’s get it going…

Overkill, “Loaded Rack.” From the album ReliXIV (2005). This was a pretty uneven record for Overkill, but “Loaded Rack” is one of the better tracks. It’s got that old-school Overkill feel and a some memorable hooks and melodies.

Behemoth, “Daimonos.” From the album Evangelion (2009). Most people know that I’m pretty picky when it comes to the more extreme subgenres of metal. I’m not big into death or black metal, but occasionally a record comes along that catches my attention for whatever reason, and that was the case with Evangelion. There’s almost a majestic feel to this, and that’s how I like my death metal – other than in small doses.

Mayan, “Drown the Demon.” From the album Quarterpast (2011). This thrash/progressive/extreme metal album really caught my attention when it was released in 2011, but I haven’t revisited it. This track, which features Epica’s Simone Simons runs the gamut from death growls to soaring, melodic female vocals and thrash to power metal. I may need to revisit this record again.

Armored Saint, “Last Train Home.” From the album Symbol of Salvation (1991). This is far and away my favorite Armored Saint album. In honesty, “Last Train Home” is not my favorite song from the record, but John Bush’s vocals here are still fantastic, as always, and it’s a great classic Saint tune.

Iron Maiden, “The Assassin.” From the album No Prayer for the Dying (1990). One of the less memorable tracks from one of Iron Maiden’s less memorable albums. It’s still classic Maiden, though.

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