Saturday, December 15, 2007

Best of '07: Honorable mentions

These are my favorite records from the past year that didn't make it into my top 10. A couple of them were there until the end of the year, when a surge of good records pushed them out. Where applicable, there's a link to my original review of the record.

Annihilator, “Metal”: Since the official U.S. release of this record comes in 2008, I could hold it in reserve for next year’s list, but I’ll burn it here. It’s a fun, catchy record filled with top-notch guest performances. Certainly not among the band’s best, but not bad, either.
Read my original review.
Get "Metal."

Blood Tsunami, “Thrash Metal”: I honestly thought this would end up in my top 10, but a rush of good albums late pushed it out. They’re some of the best purveyors of modern thrash out there.
Read my original review.
Get "Thrash Metal."

Ted Nugent, “Love Grenade”: Another one that got pushed out of the top 10. Some great old school, raunchy, in-your-face Uncle Nuge fun.
Read my original review.
Get "Love Grenade."

Machine Head, “The Blackening”: After a few disappointing years, this is the second straight really good release from Machine Head, proving that it is possible for bands to return to form. (Maybe there’s still hope for Metallica.)
Get "The Blackening."

Dimmu Borgir, “In Sorte Diaboli”: I’m not a big fan of black metal, and perhaps it’s a little trendy to like Dimmu at the moment, but I’m a sucker for a good melding of classical and metal into a big, epic song, and they do it as well as anyone out there.
Get "In Sorte Diaboli."

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