Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Night Special: King's X, "Goldilox"

King’s X’s debut record, Out of the Silent Planet, stands as easily the band’s most straightforward rock record. Though there were hints at the progressive powerhouse they’d become, the songs here have more in common with other hard rock bands of the time.

At the time I got the record (which was my second King’s X record after the follow-up Gretchen Goes to Nebraska), I was vehemently opposed to ballads. So “Goldilox” didn’t really register for me. I was much more likely to be rocking to “King,” “Shot of Love” or one of the other higher-energy tunes.

As I got older, I became slightly less opposed to ballads – good ballads at least – and that’s when I came back around to “Goldilox,” a heartfelt lament with some very nice riffs from Ty Tabor, an emotional vocal from Doug Pinnick and those immaculate harmonies that the trio would become known for over the years.

But I didn’t truly have the appreciation for the song that I do now until their Live Love in London performance, when the band begins the song, and Pinnick never approaches the microphone. Instead, the entire crowd begins to sing, and the band rolls with it, playing the tune softer and soaking it in, only cranking up for Tabor’s solo and the ending. It’s a truly powerful moment, and one that cemented my love of the tune.


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