Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Shuffle: Bon Jovi, Queen, Aerosmith, King's X, Shooter Jennings

A couple of classic favorites trapped in the middle of this shuffle ...

Bon Jovi, “Wild in the Streets.” From the album Slippery When Wet (1986). OK, I knew we had to get into some marginally embarrassing music at some point, and here we go. I actually do enjoy some Bon Jovi. This track, though, is about as cheesy as 1980s rock comes with lots of glitz, heavy keyboards and that radio rock sound that is most definitely of its era. Not the best song from this record.

Queen, “Killer Queen.” From the album Sheer Heart Attack (1974). Sheer Heart Attack is an album that beautifully illustrates what I like most about Queen. On one end of the spectrum, you have the proto-thrash tune “Stone Cold Crazy.” On the other, you have this crazy little lounge act tune, and both are equally enjoyable. This song has the huge harmonies, and Freddie Mercury, who probably could have sang the phone book and made it work. And I’ve always loved the little “laser beam” effect on the chorus.

Aerosmith, “Seasons of Wither” (unplugged). From MTV’s “Unplugged” (1990). I’ve always wondered why this show was never released as an official album and video. It was easily one of the best hard rock performances of the series, and is just a great, great show. I cherish my bootleg copy, and this is a great rendition of the classic ballad.

King’s X, “Move.” From the album XV (2008). After a lot of up and down records, I thought XV served as something of a comeback for King’s X, and this is one of my favorite tracks from the album. It’s all about Dug Pinnick and the fantastic groove he lays down on the bass.

Shooter Jennings, “Busted in Baylor County.” From the album Put the O Back in Country (2005). This rocking tale about a road trip gone wrong was one of the many highlights of Shooter Jennings’ debut country record. And a little tip of the hat to Black Sabbath doesn’t hurt, either.

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