Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Shuffle: Amon Amarth, Jon Oliva, Slash, White Wizzard, Pantera

Another hard rocking week, from melodic death to pre CFH Pantera ...

Amon Amarth, “And Soon the World Will Cease to Be (Live).” From the album Vs. the World Bonus Edition (2009). This re-issue of the band’s 2002 record featured a second disc with the entire album performed live. This tune, the final cut on the album, is crushing, heavy and melodic. 

Jon Oliva’s Pain, “Before I Hang.” From the album Global Warning (2008). For his third album with Jon Oliva’s Pain, the Mountain King whipped out an old Savatage demo, and it still shreds. It’s the first tune we’ve heard in a long time with the vibe of Gutter Ballet or Streets, with Oliva in that full sneer that he did so well.

Slash, “Halo.” From the album Apocalyptic Love (2012). Probably my favorite song from my favorite post-Guns ‘n’ Roses project. The tunes features a great riff from Slash, probably his best since the G’n’R days, and it’s just catchy as hell. Myles Kennedy, who I had my doubts about in this collaboration, sounds great. Good stuff.

White Wizzard, “Red Desert Skies.” From the album High Speed GTO (2009). This was my introduction to White Wizzard, and the record piqued my interest, particularly the title track. To be honest, though, this song doesn’t do a whole lot for me. It’s pretty forgettable.

Pantera, “Over and Out.” From the album Power Metal (1988). I actually think Power Metal is quite the underrated album. Certainly, it still had one foot in the band’s hair metal past, but the addition of vocalist Phil Anselmo brought a little more toughness to the sound, and you could feel the heaviness coming on. This song has some nice riffing from Dimebag Darrell (then known as Diamond Darrell), and I maintain that, beefed up a little, it wouldn’t have been completely out place on Cowboys from Hell.

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