Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Night Special: Raphael Saadiq, "Angel"

So this installment represents two firsts for this blog – an R&B song, and apparently, a fictional song.

Of course, the song is not entirely fictional, at least a part of it exists. But after hearing it on the “Luke Cage” premiere on Netflix, I went out in search of it, only to discover that it doesn’t exist. It’s apparently something that Saadiq recorded for his cameo on the show. It’s not even on the soundtrack for the series, a fact lamented by several commenters on the videos that I found.

The tune set a fantastic mood for the scene in the show, and Saadiq’s soulful vocals certainly caught my ear. It’s got a very old-school R&B vibe to it that’s infectious. If he turned it into a full song, I’d probably buy it.

Of course, this is not the first scene from a Marvel product that’s led me to a song that I otherwise probably would have ignored. I still love the scene from the “Daredevil” movie that zooms in on Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin with N.E.R.D.’s “Lapdance” playing. Like this, it’s a perfect match for the scene, and that’s a large part of why I ended up liking the song.

I spent a little time exploring some other tunes from Saadiq and found it to be a mixed bag. I liked some of the old-school sounding stuff, particularly the bluesy stomper “Stone Rollin’,” but a lot of it just wasn’t for me. Still, if “Angel” becomes a single at some point, I’m probably in.

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