Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Shuffle: ZZ Top, Jackyl, Helstar, Priest, Megadeth

A little classic, a little party and a heavy ending this week ...

ZZ Top, “Lowdown in the Street.” From the album Deguello (1979). Deguello remains my favorite ZZ Top album because it struck a great balance between their hard rocking side and their funky, groovy blues side. All of that is encapsulated perfectly on this tune.

Jackyl (featuring Brian Johnson), “Locked and Loaded.” From the album Cut the Crap (1997). AC/DC was clearly one of Jackyl’s primary influences, so it’s fitting that vocalist Brian Johnson joined them for this track from their third album. It’s a great hard-rocking track, and Johnson and Jesse James Dupree play off of each other well.

Helstar, “Evil Reign.” From the album 30 Years of Hel (2012). Helstar is one of the most underrated power/thrash acts around. They had sharp riffs, great vocals and a nice blend of the ingredients of both power metal and thrash. This version of the tune improves the sound over the original and shows why you should check them out if you haven’t.

Judas Priest, “Metalizer.” From the album Redeemer of Souls (2014). Priest’s 2014 return to form was an astounding record. This is one of the heavier tracks, more in the Painkiller vein, and showcased some of Halford’s best piercing screams of the record.

Megadeth, “Angry Again.” From the album Hidden Treasures (1995). Originally from the “Last Action Hero” soundtrack, “Angry Again” arrived at a time when I wasn’t sure about Megadeth’s direction. Despite that, I really liked the song and still do. It’s got a cool riff and great melody.

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