Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Shuffle: Down, Alestorm, Jon Oliva's Pain, Pantera, Philip Anselmo

A very Phil-centric shuffle this week ...

Down, “The Seed.” From the album Down II (2002). The power of the riff compels me. Down II, despite what some think, may just be my favorite album from the band. This tune is a great groover with the usual Sabbath and stoner rock overtones that you get from the band. Good stuff that’s as sludgy as the south Louisiana swamps it was born from.

Alestorm, “Captain Morgan’s Revenge.” From the album Captain Morgan’s Revenge (2008). When I first heard Alestorm, I was immediately in love with the goofy pirate theme that also featured some serious metal underpinnings. The title track is one of my favorite from their debut record. That chorus hook is just too catchy and too much fun.

Jon Oliva’s Pain, “The Ride.” From the album Global Warning (2008). Global Warning may be my favorite record from Oliva’s most recent project, and “The Ride” is one of my favorite songs. It’s a great old-fashioned 1970s tinged hard rocker with pop sensibilities – at least to start. Then we get into that grooving and heavy chorus, then back to the lighter side. It’s just a great, great song.

Pantera, “Regular People (Conceit).” From the album Vulgar Display of Power (1992). “And any streetwise son of a bitch knows … DON’T FUCK WITH THIS! Pretty much says all you need to know about this song, one of the baddest from VDOP. Love the almost funky guitar riff from Dime and the attitude from Phil.

Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals, “Irrelevant Walls and Computer Screens.” From the album Walk Through Exits Only (2013). The final song of Phil’s first solo album rambles all over the place, but still manages to stay coherent and entertaining. There’s raging metal, some sort of electronic feel and even some Pink Floyd influence on the track.

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