Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Shuffle: Tesla, Dash Rip Rock, Slayer, Mojo Nixon, Prince

Wonder if the last selection this week will throw anyone?

Tesla, “Government Personnel.” From the album Psychotic Supper (1991). Here’s a short, fun acoustic number that’s Tesla’s send up of the classic acoustic rock protest song. It’s a bit of a throw-away track to lighten the mood of the record, but try to get Jeff Keith’s drawl out of your head. “Go straight to Hell, all you government personnel…”
Dash Rip Rock, “Google This.” From the album Country Girlfriend (2008). After finding the fun again on 2007’s Hee Haw Hell, Bill Davis injected more classic Dash humor into the follow-up album. This is his response to the online world.

Slayer, “Spirit in Black.” From the album Seasons in the Abyss (1990). This might be Slayer’s most underrated record. Most of the songs were a little more accessible than perhaps some of their previous work, but they’re all memorable. “Spirit in Black” has a great riff, and also a nice lyrical nod to Reign in Blood.

Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, “(619) 239-KING.” From the album Root Hog or Die (1989). Much like Dash Rip Rock, I think Mojo Nixon is one of those great artists that’s been missed by the public at large. He’s rowdy, raucous and a great live performer. This was his tribute to Elvis and his hope for a comeback for the King.

Prince - Controversy by STARDUST72

Prince, “Controversy.” From the album Controversy (1981). Surprised? Don’t be. I love me some Prince. I mean, at least before the symbol thing and all of that. “Controversy” is at the same time a quintessentially 1980s song and a timeless electric funk piece. It’s Prince at his best.

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