Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Review: Manowar, "Hell on Earth III"

Is there any band that better represents the spirit of metal than Manowar?

Whether you love Manowar or think the metal warrior schtick is a little corny, you have to admit that there are no greater champions of the music than the world's loudest band, and they prove it again on this DVD.

The first disc chronicles Manowar's travels around the world with plenty of behind-the-scenes footage, fan interaction and some live performance clips. This disc shows first-hand Manowar's dedication to their fans and vice versa. Their love of performing their music is evident, and they seem to truly appreciate the people that allow them to do it. How many other band have you ever seen that allow a fan to grab a guitar and come on stage for a jam session almost every night?

The second disc contains an hour-long performance from an outdoor festival in Cologne, Germany, where about 27,000 fans packed the streets of the city to see the band. It's a rousing performance, if a bit brief.

The rest of the disc is full of vintage Manowar videos, along with their latest two clips. I would have liked just a little more live performance, but beyond that, I've got no complaints. The DVD shows truly that Manowar are "Kings of Metal." All hail.

Get "Hell on Earth III."

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