Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Playlist 2016 Week 5: Dead Daisies, Anthrax, LoG, Death Angel, Testament

We've now reached the point in the program where we start to get into mostly repeated artists, and we've entered the new year, so I think I'll wind it down with this week's selections. That said, there are still a few more songs that make my playlist, but I think these 25 or so cover the high points.

"We All Fall Down," The Dead Daisies. This was just an old-fashioned, good time hard rock record. It's simplicity and fun made it one of my favorites of the year, and "We All Fall Down" was my favorite track. Just a great hook and a great all-around tune.

"Suzerain," Anthrax. Yep, another entry from For All Kings, and I could add a few more with "Breathing Lightning" and "All of Them Thieves," as well. The opening riff of "Suzerain" is just heavy as hell, and it's not often a metal song makes me look up a word.

"The Duke," Lamb of God. This is something a little different for Lamb of God. My initial reaction was WTF? But the song grew on me with a few listens, and there's a great story behind it.

"The Moth," Death Angel. Another ripping track from The Evil Divide. Unlike a lot of metal bands, I think Death Angel just gets better with age.

"Brotherhood of the Snake," Testament. I called it the year of the classic thrash band, so let's close it out with another one -- the title track from Testament's latest album.

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  1. I wanna know what your opinion of Baby Metal is! I know most people don't think of it as a real metal band but its a little fun lol