Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Shuffle: Woods of Ypres, Alice Cooper, III, BLS, Slayer

A little gloom, a little anger and a shock rock classic with a surprising guest ...

Woods of Ypres, "I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery." From the album Woods IV: The Green Album (2009). I'd not heard of Woods before this record came out, but it made me a fan. It's dark, bleak and beautiful in its own way.

Alice Cooper, "Billion Dollar Babies." From the album Billion Dollar Babies (1973). This tune is a true Alice Cooper classic. Dark, energetic and wickedly amusing. Even funnier is the fact that people often forget that the other vocalist is Donovan, of peace and love fame. Just makes the tune cooler.

Hank Williams III, "Trashville." From the album Lovesick, Broke and Driftin' (2002). This album was where just a little of III's real personality began to show through. This swinging song, while certainly not the most venomous of his anti-Nashville rants, certainly set the stage for what would become a staple of his subject matter over the years and would spawn an anti-Nashville movement in underground country.

Black Label Society, "Superterrorizer." From the album Stronger than Death (2000). Stronger than Death remains, far and away, my favorite Black Label Society record. This tune is just crushingly heavy and filled with attitude, very representative of the whole record.

Slayer, "Hate Worldwide." From the album World Painted Blood (2009). The shine of drummer Dave Lombardo's return had worn off by the time of World Painted Blood, and it became pretty clear, pretty quickly, that this was just another same-sounding Slayer album. This is one of the better tracks, but this record just doesn't do a whole lot for me and never really did.

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